FX Warsaw is a simple app to use:

Today's PLN Exchange Rate

You can see the daily zloty exchange rate for your currency – it is instantly displayed underneath your country's flag.

The National Bank of Poland publishes its mid rates for the zloty every weekday around midday. FX Warsaw displays the rates for you automatically.

Convert to and from zlotys

From this first screen you can tap on your country's flag to move to the simple currency exchange calculator where you can enter different values and see the zloty rate. (See the image below.) Swap the base currency between your one and the current zloty rate by tapping the arrows icon in the center of the screen.

Find "kantors" easily

The other neat thing about this app is – if you tap the binoculars icon in the top-right corner of the screen, the app displays a list of kantors near you, with full contact details including a link to their website (where you can see their exchange rates) if they have one, but you can always call them on the phone with a tap on the phone icon next to their name. Check the first screenshot above.

Note: If you just need the exchange rates, without the kantor listings, I made a lightweight version of the app here.

Compare Prices

Most kantors have websites displaying their current exchange rates for differnt currencies – you can visit them directly by simply tapping the icon next to the kantor you're interested in. On the websites you will probably see the phrase "ceny hurtowe" (or "hurt") – this means "wholesale rates", i.e. when you are exchanging the equivalent of USD 1000 or more. The wholesale rate is a little higher – for example you get PLN 0.02 per dollar more than the "retail" rate.

Map and directions

FX Warsaw seamlessly integrates Google Maps, so you can find your way to the best deals.